When You Should Call an Expert

We know that you may have a tough time solving all of your electrical problems yourself- it is a difficult and daunting task. That’s why Mister Sparky provides technical solutions to any electrical malfunction you may be having. We take care of a wide scope of problems ranging from quick fixes like appliance installation to large projects like full home electrical remodeling. Mister Sparky can do it all, and we pride ourselves in taking care of your electrical needs the right way the first time, all in one trip, so you don’t have to worry about any future mishaps.

Safety Risks and Mishaps

Sure, maybe you’ve accidentally given yourself a little shock while trying to fix something yourself, but that’s a sure-tell sign that someone should be doing this job for you. Luckily Mister Sparky can provide all electrical services with safety guaranteed, ensuring your health, property security and avoided costs. We can do it right every time, so all you have to worry about is making an appointment! Let any of Mister Sparky’s certified and licensed electricians save you the trouble, and the headache, of solving all your electrical needs yourself.

Any electrical problem can worsen if the right steps aren’t taken by a professional. If you come across any electrical problems, either large or small, call Mister Sparky to be sure that you are keeping yourself safe while completely fixing the problem.

Quality Service

Mister Sparky’s Dallas electricians places a high value on integrity and getting the job done at an affordable price. Nothing beats good service without having to pay a fortune. We never bombard our customers with hidden fees or hidden agendas, all we do is give you the electrical services you need.

Mister Sparky is ready to handle any electrical difficulties that you may be having. We’re waiting to hear from you today! Call (214) 613-0481.

Home Surge Protection

We’re Here Whenever You Need Us
Home surge protection is vital to the safety of your home. Homes with surge protection save you money if things go wrong. Our electrician installs both surge protectors for individual outlets as well as whole home surge protection for overarching protection for your home.

Our technicians can help you protect your home and your appliances and save you money in the long term. Call or book online today, and we can help put your mind at ease.

Red Carpet Treatment

The Respect you Deserve
Our technicians understand the value of being neat and considerate while working in your personal space, which is reflected in how we leave your home after solving eletrical issues.

Mister Sparky protects your home while he’s working, he slips on shoe covers (“floor savers”) and will even go the extra mile and roll out a red carpet to protect your flooring from dirt, scuffing, and scratches. Work completed, he vacuums the area to ensure that he leaves your home as clean or cleaner, than he found it.

Electrical Home Safety Survey

The Mister Sparky Standard
How do you know if your home’s electrical is safe? Our Mister Sparky technicians are trained to evaluate home electrical to give your home a safety rating. We will go through all the electrical in your home and give you a checklist of what is good, what is questionable, and what needs to be immediately addressed to give you peace of mind about your home’s condition. Safety surveys are important, more so than you think. It is better to know before dastar strikes. Give us a call today!