Meet Mister Sparky

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Mister Sparky is a network of the most hardworking electricians in America, providing electrical services and repairs locally to Dallas residents and professionals. Our character speaks for itself in every electrical repair that we do; whether it’s our experience, dedication to customer satisfaction or our commitment to professionalism.

Our Dallas electricians give you the type of service and treatment that even we would want for ourselves.

Trustworthy Dallas Electricians

We know that it can be difficult to let someone into your home that you may not know to do an electrical repair. That’s why Mister Sparky does everything possible to ensure safety and trustworthiness. All of our electricians have passed rigorous background checks and drug tests. We ensure that our clients are happy with our electricians’ professional conduct following our Starched White Shirt Standard.

We protect your home by treating it with respect every time we visit by literally rolling out the red carpet for you. Our Dallas electricians are always sure that they leave your space better than they found it!

On Time and Affordable Pricing

None of our electricians want to waste any of your precious time away from your family, that’s why we guarantee on-time appointments. If your trusted electrician is late for any reason, your service is on us!

We won’t catch you off guard with hidden costs or fees. Mister Sparky lets you know upfront what your bill will look like and will get your approval on any extra work so you’re included in every step of the process!

Mister Sparky University

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All of our Dallas electricians are graduates of Mister Sparky University, a training program that promotes excellent electrical service and customer service. Some of the areas of study include:

  • electrical evaluations
  • electrical troubleshooting
  • quizzes on code requirements

The University, often regarded as being Ivy League status, provides comprehensive skills for our dedicated electricians.

The certifications acquired by Mister Sparky’s electricians are constantly updated to ensure that the most top-of-the-line service is being offered to customers. Our electricians keep their skills and codes in check through electrical technology seminars and state/federal regulation workshops.

Mister Sparky’s electricians strive on great character and great service, the perfect combination for excellence. Call (214) 613-0481 today!

On Time Guarantee

We’re Here Whenever You Need Us
“We’re on time You’ll See or your electrical repair is Free”. We Back our superior electrical service with not only integrity transparency and dependability but also our On Time Guarantee. We understand your time is valuable which is why we guarantee we will be there when you call.

When you need expert electrician services in Dallas, or surrounding areas, just give us a call at (214) 613-0481 or click here to book your appointment online so we can send a Mister Sparky technician to help you as soon as possible.

Red Carpet Treatment

The Respect you Deserve
Our technicians understand the value of being neat and considerate while working in your personal space, which is reflected in how we leave your home after solving eletrical issues.

Mister Sparky protects your home while he’s working, he slips on shoe covers (“floor savers”) and will even go the extra mile and roll out a red carpet to protect your flooring from dirt, scuffing, and scratches. Work completed, he vacuums the area to ensure that he leaves your home as clean or cleaner, than he found it.

Starched White Shirt

The Mister Sparky Standard
Because of Mister Sparky’s commitment to excellent service, we believe in hiring only the most professionaland knowledgeable Dallas Electricians. This means that in addition to technical excellence, all Mister Sparky electricians must uphold our Starched White Shirt standard for conduct and professionalism.

You can easily recognize a Mister Sparky electrician by his clean-cut, freshly shaven appearance and his signature starched white shirt and gray pants.