Why is there a burning plastic smell near an outlet?

If you smell a burning odor in your house, regardless of the location, you need to take action and should not ignore it. People often say the burning odor smells like electrical or plastic burning. If you smell a strange odor coming from an electrical socket, please take caution and be careful. Always be careful when dealing with electricity and be sure to call your local Mister Sparky electrician for the safest way to fix the issue. Where is the smell...

Why do I get a shock from my light switch?

Often times people feel a shock when they touch the metal screws on the light switch due to a static discharge. Static electricity is the build-up of electrical charges from the surface of objects. This happens when electrons move from one surface to another through contact and builds up an electrical charge if both surfaces are insulators. This is most common in homes with carpet. Though these minor shocks are not dangerous, they can be irritating, Luckily, there are ways to...

Why aren’t my outdoor security lights working?

There are a number of reasons why your outdoor security lights may not be working. Whatever the problem may be, it's important that we try and figure it out now so we can resolve the issue, get your motion sensor lights working properly, and keep your home safe! Security light troubleshooting Try troubleshooting your problem with the following tips: Light isn't turning ON- Increase your device's sensitivity, but don't max it out because it may become too delicate and turn on at every...

How do we know that your electricians are “certified”?

Great question, considering that there are so many technicians out there! Mister Sparky electricians are selected carefully; we need the best electricians with the utmost professionalism. Personality is everything and it's what upholds the Mister Sparky reputation. Our team takes part in extensive electrical training which has been nationally recognized as the reason behind our successful repairs. We will not send out an unprepared tech for any job nor will we send out someone who doesn't put our customer's safety as...

Why do my outlets spark when I unplug something?

We see this happen every now and then, most notably with irons. What happens is, there is still current flowing through the circuit so when you unplug a device, you break the electric contact. To try and avoid sparks, turn off your appliances before you unplug them.

Do Nest thermostats save you any money?

Nest thermostats are modern thermostat systems. They are controlled over wifi and optimize your household temperatures to help save energy. Smart thermostats, like Nest, remember your temperature control behavior and adapt appropriately to climate changes. What Nest does is basically control your household's temperature for you, which allows it to make the proper adjustments in a timely manner and ultimately reduces energy use. Nest users have provided testimonials stating that they save anywhere between 10%-25% on their energy bills.

How often should I test my smoke detector?

We recommend inspecting your smoke alarms once a month for the safety of your house and family. Although everyone has a busy schedule and may forget to perform these tests, it's vital to check on detectors at some point in the year to ensure your safety in the case of a fire. Check out our smoke alarm testing tips to check yours at home today!

Is there a wrong way to unplug a device?

Yes. When you decide to unplug a device from an outlet, pull the actually plug part. Do not grab the cord and yank it out; this is not only damaging to the cord but there is a chance that the wires could become exposed and give off an electric shock.

Does cranking the thermostat down cool my home faster?

Dallas heat is unbearable and when we get home from a long, sunny drive, we want our house to feel like a freezer! Out of habit, many people run to their thermostats to turn down the temperature, and they may intentionally decrease it from 80 to 65. This extreme decrease will not cool your home faster. Instead, this method makes your air conditioning unit overwork itself and ultimately reduces any efficiency. Consider turning the head down by only a few...

Is it common for electricians not to give quotes over the phone?

Yes. It is pretty common for technicians to deny customers of an over-the-phone electrical repair quote. The reasons are frustratingly simple and once you see (or have personally experienced) both sides of similar situations, you have a better understanding of why project estimates are not always acceptable. "But you told me it would only cost $100!" How many times have you heard this story; a person is extremely upset because a repairman came to their home to fix a problem...