3 Easy Ways to Remove the Threat of Electric Shock From Your Home

Ah, summer. The sun is burning bright, sizzling our woefully under-prepared skin with yet another sunburn, the kids are out of school (or almost there), and the pool is getting more use than it has over the last half a year combined. It’s truly one of the best times of the year, and it offers plenty of opportunity for the whole family to have fun together. However, just because the end of May unofficially marks the season of fun and games, that doesn’t mean you’re totally off the hook when it comes to staying safe.
One threat we all deal with is the danger of an electric shock. The hazardous nature of it becomes even more common around water, but you and your family can suffer serious shocking every day just by using the appliances already around your home. Keeping just a few critical reminders in mind while going about your day can ensure nobody gets hurt, so you can enjoy the upcoming summer months without a worry. For more electrical guidance, look no further than the experts at Mister Sparky!

Install GFCI Outlets

With the ridiculous amount of devices and appliances we use every day, the risk of suffering an electric shock through some unfortunate outlet-related accident is higher than you might think. We plug and unplug things all the time, and all those wires mean there’s a greater chance something could go wrong. Instead of waiting for that to happen, have some of your outlets converted to GFCI versions.
GFCI – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter – is a type of protection afforded to outlets that carry a greater possibility of a ground fault occurring. Ground faults form when a circuit finds a quicker way to completion, overloading the circuit and causing the wires to overheat. This can lead to fire or – if near water – electrocution. A GFCI outlet will cut off the flow of a current if it detects even the smallest difference in voltage between the two wires in the outlet, preventing any harm from occurring to you or the outlet.

Don’t Overload Outlets

We can be tempted to stick every device we have into one outlet – I mean, it’s convenient right? However, doing so carries the risk of overpowering the outlet or power strip. When that happens, an electrical current can pose a greater threat of sparking a fire. Instead, space out the cords and try to limit receptacles to two or three plugs each.

Don’t Unplug Things While Running a Circuit

Whenever you’re finished using a device and want to remove it from an outlet, do so after cutting the power to whatever you’re unplugging. An activated device that gets removed can form an arc, which is when the electrical current jumps from the outlet to the thing that was plugged, even after it’s been removed.
More substantial devices or appliances, like ones that bear a higher circuitry load, can become seriously dangerous if they arc. Always be sure to power off any device you unplug before doing so.

Electricity makes everything so much easier at home, but we always have to keep in mind that we’re working with a highly volatile and potentially dangerous force of nature when we do so. Follow those simple safety tips and be sure to be as careful as possible when using your devices and appliances at home. For more electrical help and tips – or anything else you need – give Mister Spark a call at 214-613-0481!

When Is It Time to Have Your Home Re-wired?

Over the course of a home’s lifetime, components need to be replaced. That’s not news, because you’ve had to swap out plenty of things with newer, better versions that offer a greater level of practicality and comfort for you and your family. As a home ages, who knows just how many things will need replacing? But while swapping out appliances and smaller pieces of equipment are the norm, did you know you might need to replace the wiring in your home?
Depending on a variety of circumstances and factors, the wiring in your home may become unsafe to use. If you leave it untreated for too long, they can pose a risk to you and your family, simply by turning on the power or utilizing certain electrical components. If you’re not sure if your home is in need of a re-wiring job, the trusty experts at Mister Sparky can help you out! We’ve got a few handy tell-tale signs to see if you need it, and if you do, give us a call. Our electricians will have your home re-wired before you know it!

When Was it Built?

This is probably the surest sign that you might need to invest in a home re-wiring. Old, frayed insulation that lies around wiring is one of the leading causes of house fires, and that potential for danger skyrockets in older homes. If yours was built more than 50 years ago, the conditions inside are more susceptible to being an ideal environment for a fire, and re-wiring your home will fix that.

Other Things to Keep an Eye On

If your home is on the newer side, you should be in the clear for the most part. There are a handful of signs that could tip you off to faulty wiring, though, and if you begin to notice them then it might be prudent to invest in a re-wiring service.
– Constantly Flickering Lights: When this happens, it can indicate that the wires in your home are beginning to fray or become looser. That, or you’re living in a horror movie.
– Charring/Blackening of Outlets/Switches: When wiring in your home starts to experience shorts more frequently, your outlets can express visible signs of burning or charring. That’s a significant sign that re-wiring is a good idea.
– Shocks When Plugging/Unplugging Things: Similar to the previous item on the list. If the wiring is beginning to deteriorate, the connections won’t be as strong when they come in contact with electrical appliances. Removing or inserting a plug and suffering a shock can be a red flag.
– Lots of Power Surges: If you’re experiencing frequent surges to your power grid, or if your breaker is tripping far more than it should, the wiring connecting it all may be inconsistent and faulty.
Aluminum wiring is another catch-all indicator that you may need to invest in re-wiring. Homes that were constructed between 1965 and 1973 were outfitted with aluminum wiring, which can rust easily and disrupt the flow of electricity, leading to shorts and a greater risk of fires.

Although these aren’t every sure indicator that you’ll need to re-wire your home, they’re definitely ones to be on the lookout for. If you’re unsure of the danger or if you think something might be hazardous, give the professionals at Mister Sparky a call at 214-613-0481 today and schedule an appointment! Our electricians can diagnose any problem you think might be in your home, and we can undertake a thorough re-wiring job to have your electrical grid as good as new.

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