Eco-Friendly Indoor Lighting: How to Light Your Home More Efficiently

We’re in-between a rock and a hard place, so to speak, when it comes to lighting. We can’t go about our daily lives without using the lights in our home — unless we start exclusively using candles or sunlight to brighten every room – but as a result we’re forced to shell out tons of money on the energy bill every month. So, the choice is there: cut down on using lights or continue paying entirely too much to use … Read More

Residential Electrician Dallas/Fort Worth

You live in Texas…you know the drill. One day it’s 75 degrees and the next day it’s below freezing. No matter the weather, make sure you’re ready to heat or cool your house by letting Dallas/Fort Worth Electrician Mister Sparky be your reliable, on-time electrician. Mister Sparky is the only residential electrician you need to call to service your heater or air conditioner. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee in Dallas, Texas and are ready around the clock. Our certified … Read More

Memorial Day Electrical Safety Tips

  Memorial Day is a great time to remember the great men and women that have served our country while giving their lives for our freedom. We often spend times with friends, family and loved ones around the lake, beach, and swimming pool. We all love to have fun barbecuing and spending time outdoors having quality time together. This Memorial Day, have fun, and take note of these simple outdoor electrical safety tips to make your time more enjoyable! Have … Read More

May is National Electrical Safety Month

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May is National Electrical Safety Month Here’s a quick look at common electrical trouble spots in your home and the best ways to fix them, from the electricians at Mister Sparky. Dallas, Texas (May 10, 2016) – A recent survey by Mister Sparky® found that only 25% of homeowners immediately call an electrical professional for help when they have an electrical problem at home. The rest try to fix it themselves or call a friend or family … Read More

Dallas Electrician, Mister Sparky

Dallas electrician, Mister Sparky is the most trusted electrician in the DFW metroplex. Whether you’re needing a new electric panel installed or a chandelier installed you can count on receiving impeccable treatment from our licensed electricians. Mister Sparky is dedicated to providing remarkable electrical services for residents in Dallas/Fort Worth. We go above and beyond expectations for every customer we serve. Our electricians are clean cut, wear professional uniforms, and will make sure the electrical repairs and services are performed … Read More

24/7 | Electrician Serving DFW

Besides Wal-Mart and Whataburger, you won’t find many things that are open 24/7. But, at Mister Sparky, we know that an electrical emergency often can’t wait. We are America’s On-Time Electrician that is ready to serve you all day and all night. If you have an emergency that can’t wait, call us to come to the rescue. Our reliable and professional electricians are trained and ready to make sure everything in your home is working properly. With our 24/7 hours, … Read More

Your 2016 Electrician! | Mister Sparky Serving DFW

Finding an electrician in Dallas/Fort Worth is a little like finding a dentist…how do I choose? Who can I trust? Let us make 2016 easy for you by being the electrician you can count on. Mister Sparky is the only electrician you ever need to call. We have a network of the hardest working electricians in the nation and can promise you that we won’t leave until you are completely satisfied. Our character speaks loudly at every job and you … Read More

WARNING! Call an Electrician NOW! | Dallas Electrician | Mister Sparky

Sometimes it’s unclear of when you should call an electrician. Problems with your electricity could be very dangerous. Here are some warning signs that should have you calling Dallas electrician, Mister Sparky IMMEDIATELY! Our trained professionals are ready to help if you experience any of these problems in your home! 1. Circuit Breaker Overload: If you are experiencing frequent circuit tripping, call Mister Sparky. 2. Flickering Lights: If you notice flickering lights, sudden brightness in lights or TV’s, the issue … Read More

Your Dallas On-Time Electrician | Electrician Serving Dallas

If you’re in need of an Dallas electrician, there’s a list of things you’d expect. Hardworking…professional…educated…honest…efficient…are all words that should describe the person you hire to take care of your electrical needs. At Mister Sparky Serving Dallas, you’ll get all of that at more. Our character speaks for itself and we aim to make sure our customer is always satisfied with the outcome of our visit. At Mister Sparky Serving Dallas, we’re here for all of your electrical service needs. … Read More