Why aren’t my outdoor security lights working?

There are a number of reasons why your outdoor security lights may not be working. Whatever the problem may be, it’s important that we try and figure it out now so we can resolve the issue, get your motion sensor lights working properly, and keep your home safe!

Security light troubleshooting

Try troubleshooting your problem with the following tips:

  • Light isn’t turning ON– Increase your device’s sensitivity, but don’t max it out because it may become too delicate and turn on at every little object that passes by (cats, leaves, etc).
  • Light isn’t turning ON– Clean the motion sensor. If it gathers too much dust or debris, the photocell is blocked and won’t function properly.
  • Light isn’t turning ON– Try replacing the batteries and light bulbs.
  • Light isn’t turning OFF– Reset the device.
  • Light isn’t turning OFF– As listed in a previous bullet point, you may have to adjust your security light’s sensitivity except this time, slightly lower it to a less delicate level.

Security lights are an important feature to any home therefore, they should function properly. If these fixes weren’t any help, contact an expert electrician today, as the cause behind the faulty security lights may turn out to be an electrical issue in your home and should be inspected immediately.

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