1. After assessing your electrical issue, we will review our "No Malarky" repair options for your home.

Most people don't budget for electrical repairs . . . and we get it! With our NEW promotional payment options you have time to plan the unplanned. We've got your back with payment options with no minimum purchase, no interest, and no payments. You'll see how the promotion works and sample pricing in the following steps.

  • No unnecessary upselling or BS. We will consult you on repairs needed and code updates.
  • Most clients have not seen an electrician in over seven years, and didn't plan on seeing us today, so having a few things wrong is not expected by our clients, but this is normal for us every day.

2. Pick repairs and receive your multi-line discount.

You save when we save. Completing more repairs in a single visit reduces our costs . . . and yours. Yay! "Fix More, Save More" discounting cannot be combined with other discounts, promotions, or bundles and does not include arc fault breakers, which have a separate discounting model when more than one is replaced in a single visit.

3 3%
4 6%
5 9%
6 12%
7 15%
8 or more 18%

(include multiples of the same item)

 Repairs Total   Payment Plans
$0-$1999 6 Months, No Interest
$2000-$2500 12 Months, No Interest
$2501-$5000 18 Months, No Interest
$5001+ 60 Months, 9.99%


3. Select your easy payment plan.

Didn't budget for electrical repairs? We get it . . . we haven't met a client yet who does! Take care of those repairs today, and take the time you need on our dime instead of yours. Woo!

9.99% plan for 96 months is available for all jobs in addition to the plans above. Note on all "no interest, no payment" plans: Interest will accrue during the promotional period, but if you pay off your entire purchase balance before the end of the promotional period, all accrued interest will be waived. Once promotional period ends, plan changes to an 84-month payment plan. The interest rate is credit dependent and variable from 17.99%-26.99%

*No prepayment penalty. Financing payment plans available with approved credit.

Sample Pricing

Here are two examples of how you can save now and pay later. All pricing is subject to change and requires an onsite estimate.

Estimate for Installing 4 Customer-Assembled Ceiling Fans:

Estimate for Installing 4 Customer-Assembled Ceiling Fans.

This project would qualify for our 6 months, no interest, no payments plan.*

We're offering a customer-assembled installation because there is very little "middle ground" between a handyman price (where you can't guarantee the electrical work is safe) and an electrician rate for assembly.

Should you choose this option, know that it requires a fan-rated box be present, and that you would be responsible for any fan-balancing or fan defects. This offer is only available for fans with down-rods and excludes hugger-mount fans.

*With approved credit.

Estimate for Installed 6 Recessed LED Retrofit Lights:

Estimate for Installed 6 Recessed LED Retrofit Lights:

This project would qualify for our 6 months, no interest, no payments plan.**

Retrofit lights are a great, cost-effective option to give your home the "can light"/"recessed light" look, without need to convert the wiring and structure above the existing fixture to support a can light installation.

*1-year limited parts and labor warranty (home must have a working whole house surger protector or not warranty) See terms and conditions for details.

**With approved credit.