How to Avoid Electrical Fires

With the vast amount of electricity that the average American pumps through their home all day, every day, it’s no surprise that we’re at a greater risk for electrical fires than the generations before. Most homes simply weren’t built with this type of electrical load in mind. And since the amount of electricity we use doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon, we need to be aware of how likely an electrical fire could be in … Read More

Residential Electrician Dallas/Fort Worth

You live in Texas…you know the drill. One day it’s 75 degrees and the next day it’s below freezing. No matter the weather, make sure you’re ready to heat or cool your house by letting Dallas/Fort Worth Electrician Mister Sparky be your reliable, on-time electrician. Mister Sparky is the only residential electrician you need to call to service your heater or air conditioner. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee in Dallas, Texas and are ready around the clock. Our certified … Read More

Summer Electrical Safety Tips

With Summer time approaching the hot weather tends to bring an increase of air conditioning use among households in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Many times the average outdoor temperature in the middle of the summer is in the mid 90’s while August can easily make it to the triple digits. The humidity is another staggering factor that makes outdoor temperatures seem significantly hotter than the current temperature. It’s very important to make sure your air conditioning is up to par … Read More

Let Mister Sparky Save You Money Each Month | DFW Electrician

If you’d like to save up to 25% a month on your energy bill, it’s time to give Mister Sparky Serving DFW a call. Our on-time electricians are ready to help you find the perfect Nest Thermostat that will save you money each month. Let Dallas/Fort Worth electrician Mister Sparky install the thermostat that will optimize your household temperatures to save you energy. Smart thermostats remember your temperature control behavior and adapt to the climate changes. They are controlled over … Read More

Q&A with Mister Sparky | DFW’s On-Time Electrician

Let’s pretend you and good ‘ol Mister Sparky are sitting down together for a cup of coffee. You have some questions and he’s ready to answer. You: How do I set up an appointment for my electrical needs? Mister Sparky: All you have to do is call us at 214-613-0481 or log on to our website to schedule an appointment today! You: That’s easy!!! You: Do you charge by the hour? Mister Sparky: NO WAY! We believe in straightforward pricing and will give you a cost estimate … Read More

The Mister Sparky Standard | Dallas/Fort Worth Electrician

On top of our amazing electrical knowledge and service, there are three major things that set Dallas/Fort Worth electrician Mister Sparky apart from all other electricians. We feel that you deserve the best and hope that you’ll settle for nothing less. With Mister Sparky you get… #1: An On-Time Guarantee: If we’re not on time, it’s FREE!!! We value your time and don’t want you to wait any longer than necessary! We’re here when you need us! #2: A Red … Read More