What are the benefits of LED lights?

There are many benefits of using LED lights, so much so that CF-style lighting is fading away quickly.  Many people have changed their lighting in their house to LED lighting because they are high in quality, safe, inexpensive, environmental friendly and aesthetically beautiful for interior lighting.

Quality of LED lights

LED bulbs last longer than other forms of lights. They are also easy to install with fewer man hours and less time down. Also, LED lights use 15% of the electricity of a standard halogen lamp.

Are LED lights safe?

LED lighting does not emit heat and its temperature is much lower than florescent or halogen lights. This makes them safe to touch on installation. Also, LED lights have no filaments therefore can withstand more shock than regular light bulbs. They are able to resist extremes of temperature both excessively hot and freezing cold.

Eco- Friendly Lights

LED lights are designed to be 100% recyclable. Since they do not overheat, you will notice a lower electricity bill. LED bulbs last 8-10 years longer than standard bulbs, or up to 50,000 hours, which will save you from buying light bulbs. They have a life span equivalent to 25 incandescent light bulbs.

All LED lights of primarily designed to focus light to specific location or direction, without relying on an external reflector. This means it has a higher degree of efficiency than conventional solutions. Also, they all turn on at 100% of their intended brightness every time you turn them on.

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