Summer Electrical Safety Tips

With Summer time approaching the hot weather tends to bring an increase of air conditioning use among households in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Many times the average outdoor temperature in the middle of the summer is in the mid 90’s while August can easily make it to the triple digits. The humidity is another staggering factor that makes outdoor temperatures seem significantly hotter than the current temperature.

It’s very important to make sure your air conditioning is up to par this summer so it can keep you and your family cool and comfortable indoors. It’s highly recommended to get a licensed electrician to inspect and perform any electrical work in your home which can include air conditioners or other cooling equipment. Avoid the risk of contact from an electrical current from the air conditioning and you won’t have to worry about being another statistic of electrical injury this year.

Electrical Safety for Cooling Equipment

  • When selecting cooling equipment or air conditioners in your home always keep safety a top priority.
  • If you plan on installing ceiling fans, or any type of electrical cooling equipment in your house utilize a licensed electrician.
  • Maintain and inspect indoor and outdoor electric-powered equipment, cords, and appliances regularly for safety.
  • Be sure your electrical equipment has the proper labeling showing a recognized testing facility and that it meets proper electrical coding standards.

Swimming Pool & Spa Summer Electrical Safety Tips

  • Any outdoor electrical outlets should be kept dry and covered around swimming areas or places where water sprinklers might be.
  • Consider using a portable GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) for outdoors. They are typically under $30 and don’t require any tools to install.
  • Make sure all pool and spa electrical equipment is properly grounded.
  • Keep anything electronic at least 10 feet away from sprinklers, swimming pools and spas. If possible, use battery operated devices when you’re outdoors.
  • Avoid handling electrical devices when you are sweating or still wet from being in the pool, spa or sprinkler.
  • Always make sure there are not any electrical power lines above any type of portable swimming pool or in ground pool area.
  • If you hear thunder then get out of the pool, lighting strikes can happen many miles away from the core of a storm.
  • If you have an older swimming pool, hot tub, or spa have a qualified electrician inspect and upgrade the equipment so it meets local codes and is up to National Electrical Code (NEC) standards.

Dallas/Fort Worth Electrician, Mister Sparky is available 24/7 for all your home electrical needs both indoors and outdoors. Call 214-613-0481 Dallas Electrician or 817-918-3191 Fort Worth Electrician. Have a fantastic Summer! We look forward to serving you!