How to Prevent Power Surges During Summer Storms

Although the Dallas-Fort Worth area hasn’t experienced too many summer storms lately, when they have rolled in, they’ve been nasty. But since they’re so sporadic, we might not remember to take into account how dangerous and volatile they can really be.

Storms have the power to wipe out our delicate and valuable electronics and appliances with one fell swoop. If we’re not prepared, the expensive devices we own can get fried and become completely useless before we know it. And given how interconnected our society is with technology, losing your access to electricity can be crippling — much more so than it used to be.

Don’t get caught unaware! Know what to do to make sure your home’s electrical grid remains safe and sound during a storm, and you won’t have to worry for more than a second when the distant rumble of thunder booms. Mister Sparky is the DFW area’s premier electrician, and we have the solutions you need!

What Won’t Work

When you sit down to try and draw up a battle plan to prevent power surges from occurring, the first idea you may have is that since a power surge is just a spike in electrical current, all you need to do is switch appliances off. No more power, no chance that it can overload, right?

Well, not quite. Unfortunately, a power surge can occur regardless of whether your electronics are turned on or off — it’s a good idea, but sadly ineffective. Another potential fix is to just unplug everything you can. That might work for the smaller devices that plug in to outlets in your walls, but there isn’t a way to unplug your home’s hardwired electricity.

Solutions — There Aren’t Many

When push comes to shove, the only real ways to make sure your home stays safe from power surges are ones that require some splurging or dirty work. You’ve got two options: install surge protectors or have your home’s electricity re-routed to go underground (if it’s receiving power through overhead lines).

If your home is fed electricity through hanging power lines, then it’s more at risk to suffer a power surge because the wires are sitting there, right where lightning could strike it. A professional contractor can disconnect your home from that power source and install an underground source that will drastically reduce the potential for wayward power surges.

The other fix is to invest in surge protectors. You can get a few smaller power strips that will do the job, but they only protect the individual devices that are plugged into the strips themselves — not the rest of your home.

To safeguard everything, though, a whole-home surge protector will do the job just fine. It is connected to your power grid, ensuring that any surge is stopped and eliminated at the source — well before it can harm the appliances in your home.

Mister Sparky: Your Surge Protection Experts

When you’re determined to prevent your home from suffering a disastrous power surge, you need electricians you can trust. Mister Sparky has the tools and expert knowledge to implement a surge-protection plan suited specifically for your home — and we’ll do it right the first time.

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