Guide to Making Outlets Safer

Odds are, you don’t spend a ton of time sitting down and studying the types of outlets that are installed in your home. At least, if you do, then you’ve either got some time on your hands or a very practical hobby. Most people just plug in whatever they’ve got – or they try to and notice the plug doesn’t fit the outlet.

Has that happened to you? Some outlets only fit two-pronged plugs, while others are designed for three-pronged plugs. What’s the difference, and is one safer than the other? There is obviously a reason for the difference, and not everyone knows why that is. But the answer is simple: a three-pronged outlet is safer than its two-pronged cousin, and the fewer two-pronged outlets you have, the better.

Mister Sparky, the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s go-to electricians, have a quick primer for the reasons you should make the switch. You’ll make your home much safer, and it’ll make your home less restrictive to the different types of plugs. Our team members can handle the whole installation and replacement process from A to Z, and you’ll never have to lift a finger!

The Difference Between Two and Three-Pronged Outlets

Maybe you’ve never put much thought into why some plugs have just two prongs and others have three. The answer is simple, and it makes a big difference in terms of safety. When a current goes through a plug, it goes into the current through one prong and back out through the other, forming a cycle.

However, when the a short-circuit begins to occur or the current gets overloaded, it has nowhere to go except back into the device, frying it. That’s where a three-pronged outlet comes in. That third prong grounds the outlet, so if the circuit begins overloading, it is rerouted through the grounding prong, killing any danger.

How to Upgrade

That’s why it’s important to have three-pronged outlets. Without them, you’re running the risk of overloading the circuit, which can potentially damage your valuable electrical appliances and devices. Instead of hoping that doesn’t happen, a simple upgrade to a proper outlet will solve your problem.

You have two options to make that happen, really. One way is to install a grounding wire to the outlet itself, which won’t add a third prong, but will still make the outlet safer. The other method is to upgrade the outlet itself to a GFCI outlet, which is a little more practical.

A GFCI outlet is generally placed near areas where short circuits could occur easier, like on exterior surfaces or ones near water sources. It will automatically shut itself off if it detects even the smallest change in the current flowing in and out of it, preventing damage from occurring.

Making your outlets safer doesn’t need to be a complicated process, and it isn’t! The actual methods of safeguarding your electronics don’t require more than a quick replacement job, and then you’ll be on your way.

Mister Sparky has the tools and expertise to make sure the job is done quickly and efficiently. Our electricians will work to implement the right solution for you and your home, and they’ll leave your home cleaner than they found it.

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