Common Electrical Problems

Don't Be Defeated by Common Electrical Problems.

We are indeed living in interesting times. You may be among so many right now who are feeling constrained at home. Like many others, perhaps you have more persons at home all at the same time and suddenly recognize the expense is getting away from you, especially when electrical problems impact the electric bill.

If those pesky home electrical problems are now presenting you with even more challenges, given the increased usage, it could help to run down a few of the common issues to consider. Some are quite easy to tackle on your own with little professional skill. Others are more dangerous and could be the indicator for you to consult with a technical expert.

One of the most common reasons people overtax their electrical system incorrectly is directly the result of not knowing how specific circuits work. It is often too easy to plug in a new device with little concern for what the demand is doing to the whole system, at least until the electrical bill shows up. However, this is typically not your first sign of electrical problems, as we will show you here:

Common Residential Electrical Problems

It is important to preface anything expressed here with the caution for safety. DIY projects are excellent for most home projects. When it comes to electrical problems, however, mistakes can be more costly, and that cost can be more than that of materials. With that said, let us look at some of the more harmless issues before we cover the more hazardous ones.

Loose or Useless Outlet Plugs

Common electrical problems include outlets says Mister Sparky Electrician DFW.

If you have outlets that no longer provide power or that are loose, start at the breaker panel. Sometimes an outlet that is not giving power may have tripped the breaker. Check to see if any breakers are in the" OFF" position and reset them. Then, you can return to the outlet and see if it is working. Just be sure the item you use to test is also functional.

If the outlet is still powerless, it may be a matter of loose wiring. If you are uncomfortable checking this yourself, make a call to your local Mister Sparky to come out and check it. Before you unscrew the faceplate, make sure you have the breaker switched to the OFF position.

Once unscrewed, you can pull the outlet a few inches from the box. Check to see the outlet screws securely fasten the wires. If any of the wires have come loose, reattach with black to the gold screw, white to the silver screw. Then reattach the copper or green wire attached to the bottom of the outlet.

Do not underestimate the possibility that the outlet may be bad and need replacing, although this is rare. A loose box can be secured with shims to prevent movement that tends to cause wires to come loose. If you have performed all these checks and still have a dead outlet, it is time to call Mister Sparky.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping

You may have reset a breaker only to find it keeps tripping. Tripping is a result of high wattage use, such as a microwave or a blow dryer. This issue is more typical when turning on items while using other power. Using multiple sources has to do with overloading one circuit that not designed to provide that much power.

A tripping breaker is also why we don't advise using power strips with multiple outlets for a single circuit, for instance, in a bedroom. All the outlets for a bedroom may be on the same circuit. When you increase the number of plugs into it, you can overload that circuit.

This is one of the most common electrical problems as people have many more devices today than the way houses are set up. This also points to another of today's issues: Too many appliances plugged in at the ready, such as phone chargers that continue to draw power even though you consider them not in use.

Electrical Shocks, Surges or Fluctuations in Power

Most of us are aware of surge protectors in this computer age. Electrical surges can be the result of lightning strikes or damaged power lines. Faulty appliances or bad wiring that you may not be aware of may also cause surges.

Power can also sag or dip due to a faulty power grid in the home. These fluctuations may cause more energy to surge through the lines when activated. This is precisely the kind of problem you want to call Mister Sparky out to check as an inspection could identify issues that need professionals.

Similarly, electrical shocks occurring when a device is either shut off or turned on is an indication of something more serious. Whether it is the appliance itself or the wiring, rather than risk a nasty shock, it is best to call Mister Sparky to check things out safely for you.

Light Bulbs that Need Frequent Replacement

Mister Sparky Electrician DFW changing out lightbulbs, another one of the common electrical problems.Lights that often burn out are a sign of multiple possibilities, such as:

Bad wiring either on the circuit or the mains
Poorly placed insulation
Incompatible wattage
Poor connection
The bad primary neutral connection

This could be a light bulb that is designed to go out when it gets too hot, or it could be something more challenging. Isolating the root cause of any of these issues is a tricky proposition for the unskilled. To be safe and avoid injury, it is worth reaching out to your local Mister Sparky owned and operated by experienced, trained, and highly experts who live in your community.

Rather than risk it, you can "stay safe" by hiring an electrician from Mister Sparky who can come out and perform an inspection, pinpoint your issues and return your power to a safe and reliable condition. Even if you have moved into a previously owned home or made changes that may have compromised your circuits, the professionals from Mister Sparky will ensure your electrical problems are solved efficiently and effectively.

Mister Sparky Electrician DFW, America’s On-Time Electrician, serves Dallas and Irving and others with a team of certified electricians. In addition to emergency electrical repairs, some of the electrician services provided by the company include electrical outlet/switch repair, ceiling fan installation, lighting installation, wiring repair, landscape lighting installation and home electrical inspections. Call us today at 214-613-0481. 

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