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What To Expect From An Electrical Inspection

Part of making sure the electrical needs of your home or office are up to date and regulations is scheduling regular electrical inspections. Just as you would inspect your car for functionality and safety measures, so should be the same for your home’s electrical system.

Here, Mister Sparky wants to take you through the basics of an electrical inspection so you know what to look out for as well as making sure you’re getting all that you should from an electrical inspection.

Three Types of Electrical Inspection

There are different types of electrical inspections, however most fall under 3 main categories. The first is a rough in electrical inspection where wires, conduits and electrical panels and boxes will be inspected. An inspector will make sure that wires are intact, and that all fire hazards around conduits and electrical panels are eliminated. This typically happens during the wiring and installation process, when you will need all these elements to pass before a wall is closed up, or before insulation installed.

The second type of electrical inspection is the service inspection. During this inspection, the electrical service panel will be observed by a licensed inspector to ensure that the panel has been properly installed and fastened. Also during this time, the inspector will check that the electrical service panel is correctly grounded. With an improperly grounded panel, you may run the risk of electric shock build-up.

The third inspection is called the final inspection. During installation, breakers will be placed or inspected to ensure a fully functional electrical system. An inspector may conduct a number of trial runs to the electrical system to test its safety and effectiveness.

Important Items About Your Electrical Inspection

While it may seem like a large expense for an electrical inspection, you have to remember that proper inspections can protect your home or office from potential dangers and larger expenses in the long run. Just as the saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the same can be said for an electrical inspection. Catching a wiring issue or surge protection problem early can save enormous amounts of costs.

In the process of purchasing a home, selling a home or beginning renovations to a building, part of the inspection process is making sure your electrical setup follows the building codes according to your state. Without proper electrical inspection in any of these areas, you may find yourself being overcharged or penalized for any electrical mishaps that are found later.

In most cities and states, an electrical inspection will not pass if it is not conducted by a licensed electrician. Make sure that you’ve got all the information you need to have a successful electrical inspection!

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